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Secret Powers is a creative production studio empowering brands and agencies with the forces of design, animation and VFX. We use our powers for good.
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Secret Powers is a creative studio + production collective specializing in digital video content for brands and agencies. We use our powers for good.

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In a way, our team members have prepared their whole lives for your success. Each one brings their own formidable creative muscle and wide-ranging set of top-tier skills.  However, when the team unites, expect a new level of raw might and ability.  Think of them as your own personal turbo-boost button, duct-taped down on permanent overdrive.

we use


The best powers aren’t granted, they’re earned. That’s why we’re dedicated to the rigors of true creative science, mixing properties of artistry, technical skill and targeted thinking in an alchemy of incredible outcomes. Our partners know that each “wham-kapow!” moment is actually powered by a group of disciplined minds committed to the craft.

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It happens in what we produce and in how we collaborate with our clients and partners.  It’s the intangible spark that inspires us, fuels us and galvanizes us under an ultra-positive something that defies explanation.  Those who’ve seen it come away with the same experience:  They can’t always say why it feels right.  It just does.

For Brands + Companies:

We create powerful digital content that empowers our clients to win.

We begin our mission by fully understanding yours. This happens via a full mind-meld (painless, we promise) that precedes any creative work. We strive to speak your language, understand your goals and appreciate the bigger picture that drives those goals.  From there, it’s a matter of tapping the creative blast furnace. Artistry and advanced technical skills are matched by impeccable project management, tenacious communication and relentless focus on hard work.  It all comes together for stunning output and big wins. Yours. Ours.  Post mind-meld, it’s all the same to us.

For Agencies:

We enhance your agency’s creative capabilities.

Our group takes a lot of pride in being humble.  That’s because some of our best work goes to the success and glory of the agencies we partner with. And rightly so. It’s your client and reputation at stake.  Our job is to function as your organization’s very own secret power, blending seamlessly with your internal capabilities. We augment your team while conforming to your style, working at every step to make the collaboration a rewarding experience. When the time comes to reap the praise (and the awards) we’ll be the first to celebrate the achievement as exactly what it is: your agency’s achievement!

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